The Kumawood Movie Makers Surely Will Skin Prince David Osei Alive

blankOne thing people do not love to hear is the truth— they would rather live in denial than accept credible facts. The talk of the Kumawood Movie Industry collapsing has been around for a long time now.
We all here when they blamed it on the emergence of the foreign soaps and telenovela, then Agya Koo had a word or two to say about it. It has been a complete back and forth but there always has been one truth, the industry is dying that is if it is not dead already.
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One does not need to be an insider or possess some celestial power to know that. Actor Prince David Osei thinks so too. According to him, it is probably because we are all too tired of the same storyline. Perhaps if they change it, redemption will be possible.
Speaking on Hitz FM, he said:
“There are great movies from the English industry so I don’t see where the problem is here. If the Kumawood people are saying someone was going to invade their space, from where I stand right now, it looks like Kumasi Movie industry is DEAD… That’s the truth.
“Producers call me and say, they are unable to sell one thousand (1,000) DVD copies and the reason why this is happening is not that someone is trying to invade in anybody’s space but the truth is that the world is moving, things are changing and they need to speed up.
“Right now, nobody buys DVD, we live in a digital world where people watch movies online, you need to get a platform where people can view your movies. It’s no longer getting guys in traffic to sell DVDs. It’s all about marketing.
“People talk about the English speaking movies going down but it will amaze you to know that the English Movie industry has really picked up at a very fast pace. You’ve no idea of the kind of movies coming out this year. Personally, when I got back to Ghana in March, I’ve shot about six movies and I keep shooting.
“Maybe story-wise, people have become fed-up with the normal insults and they want different storylines and that is what happened to our English Movies, we lost it when we started telling just the love stories but right now we’ve moved on. We are tackling societal issues and doing more comedy movies. People are tired of serious drama and love movies.”


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