Princess Shyngle Must Be A 'FOOL' If She Thinks We Believe Good Dieting Gave Her This Cosmetic Body

Princess Shyngle

Editor of, Chris-Vincent says Gambian doll, Princess Shyngle should be illegal already for walking around with such a body— not for its beauty but for the fact that it comes with a lot of health issues.
You know it is one thing undergoing cosmetic surgeries just to look a certain way one prefers and loves and it is an entirely different thing to tell the world that whatever ‘banging body’ you have is all naturally endowed. At least have the decency to admit the truth.
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The lady says all she has and all that we see are as a result of good dieting. She definitely does not expect us to believe such a manufactured lie.
If that was to be true, I know a lot of people who would have been slimmer than her with the tiniest of all waists. We know she did something to herself but we have no evidence and we are not about to laden ourselves with that.
Anas just might get them someday. Until that happens, look at these two pictures and tell us if you know the kind of dieting our sister is on so we all can join her.


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