REVIEW: It is Better to Cook than to wait 90 minutes to be served At Airport View Hotel

I chanced on a flier of Airport View Hotel’s Buffet and as a food lover, i was fascinated by their GH50.00 rate. Well, who doesn’t like ‘cheap’ food and value for money? So i set it a date with a friend, a food lover too, for May 26th so we could check the place out.
Unfortunately, we were late for the buffet so we had to order from the menu. We sat for about ten minutes at their outdoor terrace overlooking beautifully painted buildings, calling and waving at the waiters just so the could attend to us and take our orders. We ordered for drinks first and i took my ‘signature’ drink, coke and lime. My friend usually takes that too but that day she wanted to switch things up that day so she ordered for expresso with whipped cream. The waiter who took our order for the drinks delivered them real quick. My drink was just how i wanted it, really chilled. My friend wasn’t quite satisfied with her drink, she was served scalding hot coffee with milk. No whipped cream.
A different waiter came to take our food order and this was when the main issue started. The waiter for this 3 star hotel established on April 1st 2012 attended to us as if they were doing us a favor. I ordered for Banku and goat Okro soup because i was i tired of eating rice. My friend ordered for fried rice and Chinese beef or something which sounded like that.
We talked for quite a while and the food still hadn’t arrived. We were getting impatient because my friend had a bus to catch to Takoradi. We called one the waiters to ask why the food was taking so long and all she said was that we should exercise some patience and that the food will be ready soon. Fair enough. So we continued our conversation and talked about a variety of topics ranging from politics to law to marriage and relationships as we exercised patience. As the waiting period extended, none of the waiters saw it fit to speak to us about the cause of the delay or to apologise or anything.
We called one waitress to ask of the food and we were told again to be patient. The waiting period was extended yet again and at one point, I walked over to someone who looked like he was in charge around there and asked for the food.. After 90 minutes of waiting, the food finally arrived and my friend requested for hers to be packaged because she was already running late for her trip and couldn’t afford to sit and finish the food. Her request was met with some resistance from the waitress but finally, the food was packaged for her. The food wasn’t anything extraordinary to have warranted that long wait. To top it off, I was served with no liquid soap to wash my hands for my Banku, no toothpick and no tissue. It was only upon request that these items were brought.
Time they say is money and you don’t have to waste other people’s time without sound reason. You don’t have to treat customers as if you are doing them a favour by feeding them when they are, for the love of Christ, paying for the meal. Why should a person be made to wait 90 minutes for food? My major concern lies with the lack of communication and proper treatment. Personally, I am not sure I’d like to go back there again for a meal, neither will I recommend it for anyone else unless I find out that they have improved upon their customer service. Maybe one of these days, I’ll book a room for a weekend and see if as they have stated on their website that, ‘Our staff have been trained to ensure our esteemed guests have a delightful and memorable experience’, is really true. To me, it is better to stay at home and cook your own food than to go out and wait 90 solid minutes for poor service.
Author: Kofi Cephas  || The Author is a web developer by profession and the co-founder of He has passion for photography and also works for and ViaFamePr


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