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Godwin Nii-Armah Okine Writes: Homophobic Ghanaians Believe Only Anal S£x Is Disgusting But It's S£x In General That Is

There are very few original arguments erected by Ghanaians when it comes to arguing against granting equal rights to gays.
There is the even animals don’t do it argument, which is factually incorrect, there’s the religious argument against it, which is moot in a country like Ghana which is supposed to be secular, and then there’s the it is against our culture argument, which is outdated because culture is not static but dynamic, and there are many ‘cultural’ practices we have thrown away because we’ve moved into the 21st century.
Invariably, in the homos£xual argument it always comes down to ‘ewww, what they do is soo disgusting!’ By what they do Ghanaians mostly mean a man being attracted to another man and having anal s£x.
Ghanaians are hypocritical about most issues and p*rn is one of those. Alexa rankings show there are three p*rn sites among the top 40 most visited sites in Ghana, and considering lesbian p*rn is always one of the most popular types of p*rn it’s reasonable to assume a large portion of Ghanaians, particularly the male population, adore it.

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So usually when Ghanaians talk about how disgusting gayism is it’s targeted at male attraction and a deep revulsion towards an*l s£x.
Recently, Rex Omar came out to show some support for gay rights, but later had to walk it back under intense pressure, which led him to tag homos£xuality as ‘disgusting’.
But Ghanaians cannot think only anal s£x is disgusting but classify v*ginal s£x or any other type of s£x as wonderful. S£x primarily involves organs built for disposing of waste being used for recreation, a very bad piece of design as Neil DeGrasse Tyson once said.
What makes s£x pleasurable is not which hole something is entering but the fact that pleasure centres are located strategically around the genitals. If anal s£x is disgusting because it involves the an*s which dumps waste, why isn’t v*ginal s£x also disgusting? The v*gina afterall also disposes of waste, as does the p£nis.
It’s a mess down there, except for the fact that our brains makes it pleasurable for those parts of our bodies to be stimulated.
If anal s£x is disgusting then so is any other type of s£x.


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