Prophet Badu Kobi Pats Himself On The Back For Prophesying Nyantakyi's Downfall A Year Ago

The ever unpopular former President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Kwasi Nyantakyi has been the talk of the town ever since Anas “All-Seeing-Eye” Aremeyao Anas laid bare his shady clandestine shenanigans for the world to see. A rather befitting end to a career wrought with controversy. The disgraceful display of corruption by “respectable” members of our society has got all tongues wagging and of course, the biggest blabbermouths in the system are not to be left out.
As we are all well aware, our so-called “Men of God” thrive on media controversy in an attempt to stay relevant and attract attention to the fraudulent businesses they run all in the name of God and religion. Because creativity is foreign to these charlatans, they can think off nothing interesting to garner the attention they crave apart from making controversial prophecies. And interesting enough these prophesies are always of the calamitous kind. It is either someone is about to die or a political party is going to lose or win an election.
Apparently the Ayemtefres and Nimokafuis in these parts are football fans and have taken a keen interest in the activities at the Ghana Football Association, thereby necessitating a prophesy about the current turn of events, which Prophet Badu Kobi was spiritual enough to reveal about a year ago but according to him no one took him seriously but now he gets to say “I told you so”. Speaking on Kofi TV, the Prophet revealed that Mr Nyantakyi’s cup got full way back in 2015 but his hunger for more power coupled with a conspiracy to bring him down led him to his disgraceful end.
“It was a grand conspiracy to bring him down. Nyantakyi’s time was over in 2015 but because he was power drunk, he continued to stay in office and some people conspired to disgrace him”, he said. “When I said Kwesi Nyantakyi had overstayed his welcome, people thought I hated him but now see… I have asked the guys at Rainbow Radio to play those audios for people to know that I’m not lying”, the leader of Glorious Wave International said.
He also took the opportunity to advise the youth to be content with their lot in life and not be greedy so as not to end up shamefully like Kwasi Nyntakyi.


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