Damn! So It Took Mzbel About 40 Goddamn Years To Realize That Politicians 'Fool' Voters To Gain Power? Welcome Back To Your 'Senses' Mzbel!

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President Mahama and Mzbel

It is really surprising to know that grown-up a$$ Mzbel had no idea of the modus operandi of politicians in Ghana and went to the extent of putting her career on the line for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the wake and heat of the 2016 general elections.
Now, she is all over social media preaching that politicians aren’t enemies in private life but appears to be so in public just to deceive voters for political power.

Mzbel who slammed the NDC for not giving a hoot about her when she was involved in an accident continued that politics as we see it isn’t about fighting or being enemies and a typical example is when her own party abandoned her during her difficult times–it was rather the NPP whom she campaigned against paid her a visit.

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Mzbel and President Mahama

Well, politicians have their own agenda to pursue and if you don’t fall within that agenda, just consider yourself an outcast!
Mzbel should have known better right from the onset that politicians don’t give a hoot about voters, they only do during campaigns and elections.

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If Mzbel had to rant on social media before her own party paid her a visit to check up on her, how much more you living at a slam in the country’s capital?


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