Ghanaians Are Wicked! A Woman Knocked Down Was Left Lying On The Road As Cars Zoomed By And Even When One Person Picked Her Up The Private Hospital They Went To Sacked Them

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“If I hear anyone say again that we (Ghanaians) are hospitable I will just go on hunger strike! Total B.S!”, fashion stylist and television host Karen Kash Kane recently wrote on Facebook.
What could prompt such an outburst for her to denounce Ghanaians that way? Well, it’s the story of a breakdown of systems and a country full of hypocrites which would leave you sad for all of us.
Recently a story went viral of a man who drove his father to 7 hospitals for treatment. He was turned away from all 7 claiming a lack of beds until the old man died.
Karen Kane’s story is very similar to that one.
But aside being a story of a failing health system, it’s also the story of a country full of people who profess to be very religious, whose religion teaches them to be each other’s neighbour and who are famously known as the most hospitable on planet earth – but who in reality are all wrapped up in their own world and couldn’t give a damn about their fellow person.

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The Ghanaian politician is taken from the pool of available Ghanaians and its no wonder the country is such a sh*thole — we mirror each other very well, even too well.
Read Karen Kane’s harrowing story below…
This is the Story.
On Monday the 4th of June, 2018, I was driving to work from east legon to Osu. When I drove past American house, I saw an unusual traffic jam and lot of people gathering on the road ahead. As my car got there, I saw that a woman had been knocked down by a van. She was crossing the road with her 2 year old son. When my car got closer to her, I realised the people were begging the drivers ahead of me to help carry the woman to a nearby hospital but every single car said NO. Then it got to my turn, at that point I was scared, crying, horrified and confused. I didn’t think twice, I just said OK. Then when they carried the woman closer to my car, I realised the amount of blood oozing from her severely mashed up body and even got more scared. At this point, they had already put her in my small car.
Then a good Samaritan man sat at my front seat and said madam let’s go to a nearby clinic. So we drove to a private hospital in east Legon. Soon as I got there, I started honking and screaming “emergency, emergency”. The staff quickly came around, listened to the Story and said they can’t admit her. So I said ” I beg you in Jesus Name, can you help us put her in your ambulance and take her to 37?” The answer was a simple plain NO. However, they helped to wrap some of the wounds and multiple fractures in her legs with some bandages etc. Then the adrenaline in me just sat back in my seat, the man sat at my front again, I put my hazard lights and horn on and this was me to 37 hospital.
When we got to the main roads, nobody wanted to move to allow me come through because you know what, these stupid politicians have abused the practice. They turn their horns and hazards on just so to avoid traffic. GOD being good always, we got to 37. I drove straight to the Emergency and accident ward. I started screaming again ” emergency, emergency”. Some 2 men came out to carry the woman in with a wheel chair even though I mentioned that she had multiple fractures in her leg.
Ok so the good Samaritan man who was at my front seat went in and came back to say that we had to pay a deposit for them to admit her. Wow. My first question was , “can this woman even be able to run away?” Ok so the man went to the atm, got money and fortunately the woman was admitted.
About 30 minutes later, I left to take my car straight to get it washed( Nobody should even try to imagine the amount of blood that was in my car at this point). Since Monday, my car has been thoroughly washed 3 times with all the detergents in the world but I can still smell blood and I have been unable to eat since.

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Today I woke up very angry and sad.
1. We are not safe in this country called Ghana.
2. If you are poor, you will die if the unexpected happens to you.
3. We don’t even have a common free ambulance service for ordinary citizens.
4. Private hospitals are only there for the rich.
5. Ghanaians are a bunch of wicked and selfish people. If I hear anyone say again that we are hospitable I will just go on hunger strike! Total B.S! Not a single car that was ahead of me wanted to get blood in their posh cars. It will shock you that even those tricycles that carry sachet water refused to carry her. Typical story of the “Good Samaritan story” happening in Ghana on a daily. Yet the churches are full with people screaming ” I receive it, I receive it”!!! Sad! Stupid hypocrites! All the people that had gathered around were just taking photos and videos.
6. We live in a country that will rather invest in Football and corrupt government policies rather than invest in healthcare.
Look guys, I’m not here to pose like a good person or anything, I have my faults too but You see, reason why I have never voted for any president in this country and will never vote is this;
These politicians don’t care about you. They don’t wake up one single day and wonder if there are people who can even pay for their health care.
If I don’t stop here, I will just sin. Guys let us put pressure on these politicians! Ghana is 61 years old oo, yet we don’t even have an ambulance service! HOW???????

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