Samuel-Clement Writes: Cherished Viewers Of Kwese' Sports TV Channel Must Be 'Suffering' As A Result Of Efia Odo Speaking "Unintelligible" Foreign Accent With Her "Ntentan" Voice

Somewhere in January 2018, it was reported on the various online news portals and popular blogs that Ghanaian pro-nud*st, Efia Odo has landed herself a new job at Ghana’s exclusive sports television station, Kwese Sports after going n*de on social media severally without any real job.
I never gave a hoot about her new appointment because I knew she was going to either paint her face with some ‘thick dirty clay’ in the name of makeup or ‘slay’ in some “huhudious” and “Ninja-like” outfit just to look perfect on screens.

I also read on some a$$-k*ssing blogs that she is doing marvellously well with her new job at Kwese Sports even though I had my own doubts on her screen performance.
Well, after months of deliberately refusing to watch the morning show on Kwese Sports–obviously because of Efia Odo’s love for nud*ty, I finally, by mistake or nature tuned into Kwese Sports and lo and behold, our nud*st, Efia Odo was on the screen.
I nearly changed the channel after seeing her annoying “Palestinian” hair on my television screen but for the sake of the gibberish I read on some a$$-k*ssing blogs when she landed herself with that job, I decided to watch to ascertain the genuineness of what I read.
Wait a minute! A friend of mine asked, “Is that Efia Odo? She looks completely different on television than on Instagram”. I’m sure she wasn’t allowed to apply that thick clay they call makeup. She looked more ‘blackish’ like a black vampire because of her “Palestinian” hair and lipstick…Gush!

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I still wanted to change the channel but out of curiosity, I decided to watch further.
To my surprise, I never heard a bit of whatever she said or made sense of whatever language she spoke and I asked myself, how are the cherished viewers of Kwese Sports coping with Efia Odo’s “unintelligible foreign accent” with her “Ntentan” voice?
For a minute I thought I had some rocks in my ears or probably a sound problem at the TV station until the other male host spoke. In fact, I heard clearly whatever Efia Odo’s co-host said in plain language so I realized the problem was with Efia Odo’s “unintelligible foreign accent” with her “Ntentan” voice.
What is the use of a foreign accent when your cherished viewers cannot understand or hear a word of it? That’s arrant nons*nse as a British will brutally put it.
If I wasn’t able to hear or understand that “unintelligible” foreign accent Efia Odo spoke on Live television, then how much more a pensioner in the village or in the country’s capital?
Charlie, Efia Odo needs to work on her “Ntentan” voice if she really wants to take her media career to the next level in Ghana and I won’t be surprised if her a$$ is kicked out as a result of her “Ntentan” voice.
A female media practitioner whose voice sounds as if a spider had weaved its web in her throat is totally unacceptable!


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