When Surgery To Save Your Life Turns Into Something Else — Greater Accra Regional Hospital 'Dashes' Man Pot Belly Due To Botched Surgery

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From the looks of things whatever it is that we have erected as our so-called ‘health system’ has rather metamorphosed into the ‘death system’ as it does all it can to make life worse for Ghanaians.
Honestly from people being bounced through seven hospitals without getting care and accident victims being left to their fate it’s a madhouse out there.
Just consider the below story of a man who went to the hospital, was told he needed surgery and has now rather been saddled with another condition.
Harrison Gbisanya, 22 years old, said he had a stomach ache and thus visited the Maamobi polyclinic but he was referred to the 37 Military Hospital.
At 37 he said he was once again referred, this time to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital at Ridge. Notice how a sick person is being thrown around by hospitals whilst they urgently need care
At the Ridge based hospital he was told he needed surgery and he went under the knife, was discharged and went home.

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However he said he started feeling pains at the part of his body cut for the surgery and now he has developed a protruding belly out of it.
He narrated his ordeal on Accra Fm.
“I first went to Maamobi Polyclinic for treatment and they gave me some medication. But the situation was not getting better, and, so, I went back to that same hospital. But the doctors referred me to the 37 Military Hospital for treatment.
“The doctors at 37 Military Hospital also referred me to Ridge Hospital because they had a lot of patients. It was at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital that the doctors said given the nature of my situation, they had to conduct a surgery on me.
“The nurse then took my particulars, checked my vitals and the doctors eventually carried out the surgery. But later, I started feeling pains at where they did the surgery, and, so, I went back to them and met a different doctor who assessed the wound and instructed that it be dressed.
“I was admitted that night and the doctor who actually carried out the surgery came the following morning and saw my condition and gave me other prescriptions. He gave me injections on my stomach and discharged me.
“But the situation has not been good since I left the hospital, I have no money on me to go for treatment again, and, so, I appeal to the general public to assist me”. he said.

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