Yvonne Nelson…We Feed You And We Wouldn't Mind Our Business–In Fact Your Business is Ours

Yvonne Nelson

I love the insane ignorance people like Yvonne Nelson and friends parade.
I am tempted to call it a paradox, but it’s more than that—it’s a calculated attempt to eat their cake and have it back.
At one corner, Yvonne Nelson calls herself a celebrity and shouts out loud to us about whatever she is doing in life, including even when she is pushing her baby out—with a video.
And at another corner, she says people should mind their own business and not talk about her or dig into her life because no one feeds her. Probably, she has acute dementia, people feed her—without them, her ass will be unemployed. She is cashing in on being a celebrity.
You cannot sell your life for cash by putting it out there and truly milking the interest of people, and then come back to tell the same people to mind their business—or tell others, trying to cash in on your life not to do so.
Whether you like it or not, Ms Nelson, we will keep poking our noses into your affair, because that’s what celebrities bargained for, in return for the fame and cash.
In an interview with Joy Fm, Yvonne Nelson is reported to asked people to mind their business and leave her alone because they do not feed her. She said:

You are there saying what you want about my life. It’s my life, you don’t feed me, can you mind your own business? So role models cannot get babies out of wedlock? What if I don’t want to get married and I just need a supportive partner.

Woman, you are not going to get that from anyone so suck it up!
And let me reiterate it, people feed you—so get off the high horse.


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