Angel Obinim Exposed By PRO For Hare Krishna Society Of Ghana, Says Obinim Worships Dwarfs

Bishop Obinim

The Communication Director of Hare Krishna Society, Jnana Chaksus Das has exposed controversial self-acclaimed Angel of the Lord, leader and founder of International Godsway Church, Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim as an idol worshipper.
According to Jnana Chaksus Das in an interview on Adom Fm said, the names of some unknown deities such as “Nimokafrim and Ayatafrim” Obinim normally calls upon during his ministration are names of dwarfs but rather not “Cherubim and Seraphim” angels as he (Obinim) claims they are.

He said Nimokafrim and Ayatafrim are dwarfs with a white beard and marble feet, not angels as the Bishop claims and he also challenged Obinim’s claims meeting one on one with God with a Bible quotation taken from the 1st Book of Timothy Chapter 6:6 and Genesis Chapter 33:20.

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 “Nimokafrim and Ay3t3fr3m are dwarfs with a white beard and marble feet and not angels as Obinim claims. Moses saw God’s form but did not see His full glory because no mortal man can see God and live” he challenged.


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