CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Fella Makafui, Her Wine Shop Closure And Her Bunch of Idiotic Social Media Groupies

Fella Makafui

The world is full of idiots but social media houses special kind of idiots, the ones you cannot even force sense down their throats.
Fella Makafui works in an industry that pays top actresses and actors mostly around 1500 GHS for a movie role, sometimes even 500 GHS. Suddenly, she claims to own 4 cars including V8s and an expensive wine shop.
I have for the last 10 years worked with a lot of the top Ghanaian actors, actresses and film-makers and when I tell you some of them even work for free, you can choose to believe me or not.
It’s not that she does not deserve these things but the important question is: where did she acquire the instant wealth from? Her income does not correlate her claims or the lifestyle she presents.
In Ghana, you will find people living lavishly when they have no well-paying jobs or family inheritance to make a case for their lifestyle and yet when you question the source of their income, people will start rolling their eyes.
For Fella, she has more than necessary times stated that it’s her hard work that has brought her this far. The question that pops up again is; what kind of hard work? Because there is no evidence of any hard work out there. Can she tell the young ladies so it can inspire them?
Probably, it’s her bedmathetics and pro sucking skills.
If you follow the activities and the way these girls showcase their luxurious lives on social media, you as a woman may become depress—may even start questioning how come you are not making swift progress in life or how come your truly hardworking boyfriend is unable to provide you with what’s being paraded.
The truth is: someone behind the veil of a lot of these women, mostly someone’s husband with a sluggish old wrinkled dick, is trading his cash in return for these girls, who are into the act of selling their bodies on social media but disguise themselves as celebrities—I mean those I call ashawobrities.
Yesterday, it emerged that Fella Makafui’s wine shop has been shut down by her angry boyfriend because of her recent reluctance to servicing their relationship.
Starr Fm wrote: “The wine shop of popular Yolo actress Fela Makafui has been shut down by her alleged boyfriend, a source close to the actress has told Starr Fm.
According to multiple sources, the Accra-based boyfriend of the actress is upset over her recent lifestyle and lack of attention for their relationship.
The actress is reported to have suddenly withdrawn attention for the boyfriend, whom she has dated for some five years now, even though he rented her current three-bedroom apartment for her. “
And a lot of the social media idiots are saying the man is a fool or a cheap man to have done that. What? What about the lady is a scam to have failed to hold her end of the bargain?blank
A relationship is a social contract: full of terms and conditions. It’s two people agreeing (contracting) to do certain things for each other. If you agree to provide sex, which is the only thing a lot of these girls these days bring to the table, and the man decides to provide financial assistance, the moment you stop providing your service or become lousy at it, he has every right to forfeit his responsibilities too. How difficult is this to appreciate?
Apparently, Fella claims that the report is not true and she is just moving her wine shop to another place as the landlord has suddenly increased her monthly rent from 400 to 1000 GHS a month and she cannot afford it.
On the face of it, this is a complete lie. Because, in Ghana, no one will really give you a commercial lease for less than one year. And that shop is not over a year yet so how can the landlord vary the terms of a lease that’s already in session this arbitrarily?
Secondly, if she claims she is just moving the wine shop, can she provide us with the new location so we can come and buy 10 bottles for her. Is this difficult to do?
Who moves a business without informing her customers or without advertising the new location? This is where I shout out loud: but the social media idiots whose brains are deep down the asses of these ashawobrities wouldn’t think along this line. Hell no!
Good morning!
—Chris-Vincent Agyapong


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