ON CHRIS-VINCENT'S Mind: Nadia Buari, Her Faceless Children, Her Social Media Shenanigans And Her Claims

Nadia Buari

I have tried to restrain myself from commenting on Nadia Buari and her ‘supposed’ 4 children and baby daddy story—which she shared over the weekend. But I have to say this, because if I don’t, no one will have the balls to voice it out.
Nadia Buari says she has had 4 children behind the veil without us knowing. That’s no one’s problem and we should all be excited for her.
She also claims she has dated her baby daddy for a decade, which is, 10 years. That too, be her cup of tea—I do not want to connect the dotes from when she and Michael Essien broke up or how she was sharing the same room with Jim Iyke at Aknac Hotel at East Legon sometime back.
What I find interesting, perhaps absurd, and the reason why I am writing this is the covering of her children’s faces—in photos she herself shares on social media.
Michael Jackson used to cover the faces of his children–in an attempt to prevent Paps from taking photos of them and sharing the photos in the media. It would have been insane for him to cover their faces and then take photos of them himself–and share the photos on social media or with the media.
Nadia Buari wants to pretend to want privacy or keep her business private—and at the same time, she shares the business on social media. Why do you keep posting photos of children (you want to keep private) on social media and then make efforts to cover their faces?
The hypocrisy and contradiction are both confusing and stupid.
Nadia, you have the power to keep the children away from social media and you seem to tell us that’s what you want, but you are lying to yourself and the world. Because, you keep posting photos and stories. You are yearning for media attention that satisfies your “narcissism” on the back of the children.
If I obtain photos of the children’s faces and I post them online, this same Nadia Buari and her friends will scream privacy—when the fact remains that she is actually not looking for any privacy, she is using the children to be in the news and remain somewhat relevant.
Some of us can see through the thick smoke of nonsense.
What do you think?
–Chris-Vincent Agyapong


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