Samuel-Clement Writes: The 1001 Lessons Ghanaian Celebrities Must Learn From Psalm Adjetefio's Predicament; Save More, Live A Normal Life And Stop The Needless Expenses On Fashion

Psalm Adjetefio in “The Good Old Days – Papa Lasisi Good Bicycle”

Ghanaian veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio who was at the peak of his career some two decades ago is now ‘begging’ for support from the very people he entertained years back — it is so unfortunate for such a veteran actor to be ‘begging’ for financial support any time he appears on TV for an interview but the million dollar question is; what actually happened to all the monies he reaped in his prime days?
It is true that in those days actors and actresses weren’t paid enough in Ghana and it is even so in this current Ghana due to the gradual ‘dying’ of the movie industry but hey that isn’t a good excuse to justify Psalm Adjetefio ‘begging’ for money to take care of his health issues.

I believe everything is about planning towards the future — if people are even planning for their parents’ funeral using various funeral products sold by Insurance companies, what stops the current crop of Ghanaian celebrities to plan for their future too?
We cannot forget the fact that fans of such celebrities expect them to live a certain luxurious lifestyle and that has pushed a lot of celebrities especially the females to live lavishly to satisfy their fans at the expense of their own future.
I believe Psalm Adjetefio’s current situation is as a result of improper planning during his hay days even though acting as a job wasn’t that lucrative in those days but proper planning by the actor could have solved a lot of his problems now.
The majority of Ghanaian celebrities are living their lives to impress fans — fans who wouldn’t give a hoot about them when they grow old, so why don’t you forget about the quest to satisfy these fans and then plan your future?

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The Beyonce’s and the Jay Z’s most Ghanaian celebrities imitate are very rich and “sensible” — they’ve made a lot of investments and the outcome is the lavish lifestyle we see on the outside and mostly their expensive outfits are all paid for or sponsored by big brands.
Ghanaian celebrities must learn some lessons from veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio’s predicament if they do not want to be going around ‘begging’ Ghanaians for financial support in their old age.
Ghanaian celebrities buying “insanely” expensive outfits in the name of ‘slaying’ on Red Carpet of events and shows should stop it and focus more on how to live a better life after their hay days are over — Ghanaians are obviously tired of always hearing, “let’s help veteran actor/actress this and that”.

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It is time Ghanaian celebrities stop impressing fans on social media and start planning for their future — and the only way out from the impending “Psalm Adjetefio predicament” hovering over their heads is for them to live a normal life, save more and build wealth.


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