Jail Irresponsible Media Persons, Monitor Bloggers And…. — Kwame A Plus Lists His Three Point Manifesto For When He Becomes President

Rapper, political and social commentator and troublesome opinion leader Kwame A Plus has always made it clear his disdain for the media and according to him, he has huge plans for them if he ever eventually becomes President.
Under President A Plus the media in Ghana would be under strict scrutiny, with some even going to jail for being ‘irresponsible’.
A Plus exploded against the media once again over the recent Fella Makafui alleged s£x tape brouhaha.
In a post on social media, A Plus said the Fella issue is why he often rants against the media, vowing that if he ever became President he would implement three specific policies.

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First would be to jail all irresponsible media persons, second is to verify, licence and monitor persons who want to become bloggers and those already existing and finally, close down the ‘Nimokafui and Ayetefrem’ kind of churches!!!
Check out his full post below…
It’s amazing how Ghanaians fall for just anything. It’s amazing and sad how people have failed to think. Sometime you wonder if it’s illiteracy, stupidity or both. Once any useless lowlife idiot buys a China phone and gets one Ghana data he or she begins blogging and therefore any useless story they post is believed like it’s some gospel. *
“This video circulating on social media and said to feature @fellamakafui has been on pornhub for the past 4 or more years. It was uploaded by an account known as bigfacehundred. But wait ooo!!! Before you got this information, how on earth do you even have to believe or conclude that the person in the video is Fela when you only saw the back of whoever is in the video? And those useless so called bloggers who only want to make money from views and hits have made stories out of it. You see why I insult these guys on a daily basis? They will run to destroy you to make money but if you ask them about their wives for free they turn into cry babies. If I become president of Ghana, there are 3 main things I will do; 1. jail irresponsible media persons. 2. Verify, licence and monitor persons who want to become bloggers and existing once. 3 Close down Nimokafui and Ayetefrem kind of churches!!!”


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