Ghanaians Think Women Don't Have Sense To Work And Can Only Make It By Sleeping With Men – Duncan Williams

Ghanaians have this attitude of being suspicious of women who can provide for themselves. Once a young, beautiful lady is flourishing in her nice car, we assume a man must have bought it for her. Men have to take the credit for everything in a woman’s life because for some reason, in our minds there is always a pot-bellied bossu somewhere sponsoring our women. No matter how hard you work for your money, someone will accuse you of working that a$$ for some sugar daddy and call you “ashawo” at the least provocation, just because you can afford what they can only dream of.
Some women, especially the young and single ones have even had to forfeit certain luxuries they can afford multiple times over just so that society will leave them alone. It is a bit surprising that with this kind of mentality, we still saw the need to descend so heavily on Moesha for her statement that has been one of the hottest topics of the year so far. But of course, the average Ghanaian is a trifling hypocrite.
Archbishop Duncan Williams has had it with this kind of hypocrisy and wonders why Ghanaians vilify successful women that way and had to vent his spleen during his second sermon on Sunday, 24 June. “There’s something in this country that everybody is hiding; nobody wants to show who they are. As soon as people get to know you are blessed, they come after you, throw things at you…”
“A foreigner can come into this country and drive a private jet on the motorway and it is acceptable”, but “if a young lady drives a private jet or a Mercedes, or a Rolls-Royce, they’ll say: ‘Who’s your sugar daddy?’; ‘or she’s selling cocaine” The Founder of Action Chapel International hailed women for playing significant roles throughout his life and ministry, and found the stigmatization to be rather unfortunate.
“So, in this society, it’s like women don’t have sense and head to work, they don’t have brains, a woman only makes it by sleeping with a man. … Who told you that?….I know a lot of women in this church who are well-educated, smarter, intelligent and wiser than men, I’m telling you… I got born again by a woman, an Indian scientist called Mrs Raj. And it was two twin sisters, they helped me in the things of God and got me to the Church of Pentecost because I was confused between Christianity and another religion, and I almost went another way but they brought me back. Twin sisters – the Acquah sisters. Some of my successes in life and ministry, God has always used women… Please thank God for the women”, he said.


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