God Will Punish Bloggers For The Way They Spread Information About Celebrities – Akosua Agyapong Defends Shatta Wale's Bl*wjob Video

It is incredible how most celebrities in Ghana do all sorts of crazy things to get attention and when they end up getting all the attention they obviously wanted they turn around and blame bloggers for doing their jobs. If you do not go about begging for attention with your every action, no one will go and fabricate stories about you. Shatta Wale decided to post a video of a slay queen vigorously fellating two guys.
He claims it was a mistake and gave one lousy explanation about how come that particular video got uploaded and tried to make it look as if people were just fabricating things about him because they want to see him fail. A celebrity of Shatta Wale’s standing can’t post such content from his personal account, whether a mistake or not, and expect no one to talk about it. That was pornography, for crying out loud, and nothing makes the headlines better than sexually explicit content.
And instead of a respectable woman like Akosua Agyapong to condemn the actions of the Shatta Movement boss, she is calling thunder fire on bloggers for the fact that Shatta Wale acted like the douchebag that he is. Speaking on Accra FM’s Entertainment Capital on Saturday, the veteran highlife artiste accused bloggers of stalking celebrities and secretly taking controversial videos of them just to get their sites buzzing without thinking about their “victims”. For people in a business where “no news is bad news”, it is rather far-fetched to tag them as “victims”.
They live for the spotlight and should be thankful to bloggers for keeping them in the news. But Akosua Agyapong seems to have a personal grudge with bloggers and just like the typical Ghanaian, has left them in the hands of “God” because he is a sadist who has been busy all this while preparing a special place in hell for bloggers in particular.
“God will deal with any blogger who sells other people’s videos online because there are a lot of things that they are doing. I don’t know where they get information from but I think Shatta Wale shouldn’t have responded to that video at all. Once his face was not shown, he shouldn’t have responded at all, because it could happen that it was not him. Someone posted the video, but the way he spoke, it is like he’s accepting the fact that he’s the one who did that. I think that part, I was not happy with him, but honestly what shows it was him…?
“As for bloggers, the way they do things, God will ask them: … Has someone sent them to be bloggers?’ No one has sent them to be bloggers. If you need information, you can do a phone interview and ask me whatever it is and I’ll answer… but you don’t frame up something because you want information, some of them do bad things…”, she vented.


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