Let's Encourage Our Children To Research About Marijuana – David Oscar Praises Ganja For Curing His "Kookoo"

After trying his hands on comedy and failing woefully, former Laugh-A-Minute (aka the unfunniest show of all time) host David Oscar decided to look to music for redemption. And because the music too is not really catching on like that, he has decided to spend most of his time advocating for the legalization of marijuana. The non-comedian seems to have found salvation in marijuana aka ganja or wee and cannot stop talking about the plant.
According to him, people have a lot of misconceptions about marijuana, including the rumor that it makes people mad, just to give the herb a bad name, but he states emphatically that there is no scientific evidence to prove that marijuana use causes madness. According to him, anyone who has ever gone mad from smoking marijuana definitely injected themselves with heroin or sniffed some cocaine earlier, only to turn around and blame the poor innocent plant for their confusion.
Instead, he claims marijuana is a divine plant with healing properties and he can boldly testify to it because he was suffering from severe hemorrhages (what we call Kookoo in Ghana) for a while but after getting introduced to marijuana he instantly got healed. This might explain why the Laugh-A-Minute show turned out to be so unbearable to watch, because who can really be funny while they are thinking about their “kookoo”, all the while having to deal with the equally insufferable “Madam Kpelems”? But that is just by the way.
David Oscar is such an advocate for marijuana legalization that he thinks school children should be allowed to research and debate the benefits of marijuana and be more open-minded about its uses, both medicinal and commercial. He says he is aware that people might conclude that he has suddenly started preaching about marijuana because he now has dreadlocks, but he insists it has nothing to do with it. All he wants is for others to see the light as he has.
As they say, who feels it knows it best. And it is obvious this guy has been feeling it.


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