Shatta Wale Needs To Join The No Tramadol Campaign Because Most Of His Fans Are Tramadol Abusers – Nukre

The abuse of Tramadol mostly by the youth has been a cause for concern in recent times. Children as young as ten years of age are abusing the drug and people are suffering fatal consequences and dying as a result of abuse. There is an ongoing campaign to end the abuse of Tramadol, with notable names jumping on the bandwagon to advise the youth to stay away from the drug. Some pharmacies have been raided and the drug confiscated, but it seems the more the authorities try to regulate its sale and use, the more popular it becomes despite all the obvious side effects and repercussions of abuse.
People are losing loved ones to this drug, and those concerned are doing whatever they can to raise awareness of its dangers. Even Akuapem Poollo has added her voice to the end Tramadol campaign. Conspicuously silent on the menace has been the guy who claims to rule the streets and ghettos, and has a massive following among the youth, most of whom are victims of Tramadol addiction.
A hiplife artiste who goes by the name Nukre, formerly known as Shatta Zola has expressed surprise at the fact that Shatta Wale is not a prominent voice in the campaign to end Tramadol abuse, considering the influence he wields over the ghetto youth.  “I’m disappointed in Shatta Wale for sleeping when Tramadol is destroying the lives of many in the ghettos. People living in the ghettos especially the youth, look up to him. Shatta stands as the father of the ghettos and this is the time the youth needs him,” he said.
In his opinion, Shatta Wale should be calling on the government to put more effort into developing the country and also be composing more positive songs to influence the youth to be productive and also trumpet the dangers of drug abuse through music. “If Shatta was able to compose a song to create awareness on fake prophets and their fake prophecies then what stops him from doing same in the fight against the abuse of Tramadol?”, he wondered.
Perhaps what the young man is trying to say is that it takes a thief to catch a thief, or it takes a Tramadol abuser to end Tramadol abuse, or something of the sort.


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