A Pastor Said There Is No Place For Me In The Church Because Of My Music So I Stopped Going To Church – MzBel



Modern-day Ghanaian Christians and their leaders are the exact opposite of everything the founder of their religion stood for in his time. This was a guy who was chilling with prostitutes, tax collectors and the like. But his followers have turned out to be a bunch of judgmental hypocrites who instead of drawing those they consider “sinners” towards them with love, they make it look like the church is a place for those without sin.
Most people have ditched Christianity because they honestly expect more from the church. People will sin in the cover of darkness and publicly condemn people who are no worse off than them. No wonder the church is losing more and more people who have come to realize that the whole Christianity thing is a scam and a charade.
One person who has released herself from the shackles and mental slavery of toxic Christianity is hiplife musician Belinda Nana Akua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel, and she has been unapologetic in her stance. Explaining her reason for ditching Christianity, the Saucy Girl revealed to Kumasi-based Light FM that she stopped going to church because a pastor from IGCG put her in a corner and basically forced her to choose between her music and her church.
According to the Pastor who she refused to name, her career is in conflict with the teachings of the church and so she had better stopped coming to church if she was going to stay on the course of her career. “When I started attending church after I gave birth, I was told that my kind of job conflicts with Christianity hence it would be better I stop being a Christian. At that point I accepted to stop”, she narrated.
When asked who gave her that kind of advice, she fingered the unnamed pastor and some members of the church who were of the same opinion.  “It’s a pastor who will tell you this. And some few people in the church whom I look up to as well said the same thing…They advised me to do something else or if I wanted to continue with my music, I must shift to a different genre or better still just let it go”, she moaned.
MzBel said that uncalled for advice helped her immensely in life because she quit Christianity from that moment and has found solace in Judaism which is more agreeable to her.


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