Deceased Former Vice President of Ghana-Amissah Arthur Was Carried in A Pick-Up Car to 37 Hospital–And He Deserved It

Amissah Arthur and John Mahama

Okyehene Amoatia Ofori Panin II, paramount chief of the Akuem Abuakwa Traditional Council who together with others were working out with the deceased former Vice President of Ghana, Dr Amissah Arthur, has stated that the Vice President was thrown into a pick up to be taken to the hospital when he collapsed, because there was no ambulance.
“There were about seven, eight of us, and something dawned on me: When we took him out, there was no ambulance, there was no car, we threw the former vice-president in the back of a pick-up and drove off to 37,” he said.
This is how a whole Vice President was treated—now, what will happen to you, the commoner, when you suddenly fall sick in Ghana?
As I’ve already said, I do not feel sad about the way the Vice President died and throwing him into a pick up as a result of the absence of ambulance does not tickle me. He deserves to be thrown into that pick-up—after all, he had the opportunity to change things and what did he do?
In the next few days, I will complete a write up about how Ghana is being ran by a cabal of scavengers, using the case of DrFelix Anyah, who within a year of appointment was re-shaping Korle-Bu, our flagship healthcare facility but he was suddenly sacked by those who do not want things to properly work in Ghana.
The healthcare system in Ghana is in a mess because that benefits some people. It’s the same problem the whole nation of Nigeria faces. There is absence of power, fuel shortages and all that in Nigeria, despite the country’s bottomless resources, because that benefit some people financially.
And that’s the case in Ghana too—regarding our health sector.
For example, the about one year that Dr Anyah was the CEO of Korle-Bu, he did not take any salary, allowance, fuel or travel expenses’ pay.
Who in Ghana will do this? Just name one person…
He worked for free and spent his own money to ensure that things worked at Korle-Bu for the betterment of Ama Ghana.
For once in the life of Korle-Bu, there was ‘industrial’ peace and everyone was in support of the CEO’s vision and work.
Yet, because a good state of affair goes against the pockets of some people, he was kicked out.
For over a year, months preceding, during and even after Dr Anyah’s tenure, there has been no board to run Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. Our president sits there, claiming to care but our flagship hospital has no board to effectively run it. Is this not a joke? How difficult is it to appoint a board such that since 2016, Korle-Bu has had no board?
The former Vice President deserves the pick-up treatment he received that crucial time, before he died and all our leaders, deserve to die that way—on the back of their incompetence and non-caring for Ghana.
I wish there were photos of him in that pick-up. He could print them large and let all the leaders in power see.
They may fly out for medical treatments but one day, when they are attacked suddenly, they wouldn’t be time for them to fly out. They will be thrown into a taxi or a pick up—like every other ordinary Ghana.
We are a sad country of animals and we will die like animals.
–Chris-Vincent Agyapong


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