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DKB Wins Best Comedian Act In USA For Second Year Running Because Comedy In Ghana Is A Joke, So To Speak

In a country where people like Funny Face make a living from what can barely pass as comedy, it is not surprising that a character like DKB will be seen as the creme de la creme. I mean, this guy started off as Madam Kpelems on the worst comedy show of all time, Laugh-A-Minute, hosted by the equally insufferable David Oscar, who has advised himself accordingly and quit comedy to embrace the ideals of Rastafarianism and is trying to make himself the Advocate-In-Chief of marijuana legalization. This is a guy who humiliated himself and the entire country by giving his fellow housemate a dirty slap when he was representing Ghana at Big Brother Africa, all because she couldn’t stand him.
But because the comedy landscape in Ghana is so bare and depleted, DKB continues to strive and even flourish. As a result, he has been able to walk away with the Best Comedy Act award at the Ghana Entertainment Awards USA that came off last Saturday, 30 June in Harlem, New York, for the second year in a row. The Ghana Entertainment Awards was set up to recognize and appreciate professionals who embody excellence and have made major accomplishments in their various fields of endeavor.
Apparently, DKB is the undefeated champion when it comes to comedy in Ghana now, which speaks very poorly of the industry. But hey, people find Funny Face and Lil Win funny so this is not as surprising as it is disappointing.  Receiving his award with pride Derrick Kobina Bonney expressed his appreciation to his fans and applauded himself for his hard work.
“It is the second year in a row I am winning this award. I am very happy that my hard work is paying off. I am also proud of the growth comedy has seen in these past few years. I would also like to thank everyone who voted for me especially my fan base #DKBrepublic”, he said.  Sad times for Ghanaian comedy indeed.


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