I Hate Christians And I Love Muslims Because Christians Are Hypocrites – Angel Obinim

Ghana’s resident Angel and sidekick of Nimokafri and Ayemfetre says he hates Christians, and we totally believe him. According to the founder of International Godsway Church, Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim, Christians never practice what they preach and this has made him develop a profound hatred for them. This does not come as much of a surprise, because looking at the way this so-called Angel takes his congregation and followers for a fool and a ride, it is understandable when he says all he actually feels for them is hatred.
The same people who have made it possible for a profound illiterate like him to acquire properties his poor congregants can only dream of. The Shatta Wale of Ghanaian fake prophets has been seen abusing his church members who for some reason never see anything wrong with his ridiculous methods. This is a guy who can kick a pregnant woman repeatedly in the belly in full glare of the congregation and even lash people’s children on live TV without any remorse or reproach from anyone.
Of course, he hates these people. A shepherd who loves his sheep will never subject them to such maltreatment. If he had any love for those who follow him, he wouldn’t blatantly exploit their ignorance and fear for his own personal gain while they are left to feel like they have wronged God or are lesser beings because they are not a “blessed” as he is.
According to the self-appointed Angel, the reason he hates his own people is that they always fight amongst themselves over which church is the best and which is not and they are all really just a bunch of hypocrites who never practice what they preach. He expressed his love for Muslims, who he says do not indulge in the petty fighting that Christians dirty themselves with and that they love unconditionally just like his Father Jesus did when he walked the earth.
He said that if he had not been personally instructed by God to lead Christians to heaven, he would have relocated to another country where he would be appreciated and left Ghanaians to wallow in the depths of hell.


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