Mass Hysteria Grips Nungua SHS Students, 20 Admitted To The Hospital After Seeing Ghosts

Students of the Nungua Senior High School are currently in a state of panic as about 20 students have been admitted to the LEKMA Community Hospital after they collapsed mysteriously on Tuesday morning. Authorities of the school are refusing to comment on the incident for now, but a Physician Specialist has revealed the cause of the mass collapse is hysteria. Dr. Joseph Oliver Commey told Citi News that the students involved said that they had seen ghosts of past students parading the campus.
The Physician at the LEKMA Community Hospital assured parents and the general public that the situation is well under control as they have seen to about 18 of the students and they are in a stable condition, with three of them still under observation. “They rushed to the emergency room with some behaving abnormally. But we found out that most of them were suffering from hysteria. They said they had seen things, some seeing ghosts, some seeing other students who are dead”, he said.
“We can’t work with that as clinicians so we have managed them. They are currently very stable and they are waiting to see the clinical psychologist. We’ve seen close to 18 students, and we are observing 3 others. By the end of the day, we’ll hand them over to the school authorities who are still here.”
It is strange indeed that these many students will suddenly go haywire on the same day and the school authorities’ refusal to speak on the matter has given cause for speculations, and parents of wards in the school have every cause to be concerned. Luckily the situation is under control, but the school authorities need to take serious steps in ensuring this incident does not repeat itself. Even one student is one too many. Twenty students are simply way too much.


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