Owusu Bempah Gets Hurt When People Call Him A Fake Prophet Even Though He Has No Formal Theological Qualifications

In Ghana, we lack a lot of things. Basic things, like decent health facilities, potable water, common sense, etc. What we have an abundance of though, are charlatans, noisemakers and con men masquerading as “Men of God”. There’s a preacher in every corner calling hellfire on people who do not share their beliefs, especially the “uncheerful givers” who feel reluctant to support God’s ministry by aggressively paying their tithes and furnishing God’s so-called anointed with the occasional “gift”.
The worst of them are the Prophets of Doom, who have made it their calling to be harbingers of death, threatening public figures especially, with impending death if they do not change their ways. Doom prophesies are the new fashion amongst our prophets, and it is expected that once a high profile person dies, these vultures will come out of the woodwork claiming to have seen the calamity before it happened. One Prophet who is in the habit of predicting doom is the Leader of Glorious Word Power Ministries International, Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah.
Just last week when the former Vice President Paa Kwasi Amissah Arthur passed on to glory, it was revealed that Owusu Bempah had made a prophecy about it earlier. Some say these prophets who “predict” deaths that come to pass should be invited for investigations and treated as conspirators to murder but “touch not my anointed” so these doomsayers are free to ball without any consequences. Apart from his penchant for predicting doom, Rev Owusu Bempah has been time without number mentioned among those who are considered fake prophets in the country.
Of course, he is privy to these opinions and doesn’t seem so happy about it. There have been allegations of him acquiring his powers from a certain ring he and some other questionable characters seem to have in common. But he says the ring has nothing to do with the power of God and he can perform miracles even without the ring.
Speaking on Kofi TV, the political prophet said he gets hurt when people tag him as a fake prophet because his anointing comes straight from God.  Watch the interview below


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