Lady Gets Her Heartbroken After She Sets Her Boyfriend Up With Her Best Friend

The thing is you can have yourself out there looking all stupid without knowing just because you decided to trust someone you love.
But then again, one can not be too careful when it comes to love and relationship— these men are the least loyal so are the women but to set yourself out there to test your partner is not only insane but sickening as well.
It is like opening your own wound and adding salt to it. Why must anyone put themselves through such? One lady has gotten her heart broken after setting her boyfriend up with her best friend.
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The suspicious girlfriend whose name has been given as Ashley says he suspected his boyfriend has feelings for her bestie so she decided to set them up to learn the truth once and for all.
What she hoped for was for him (Bart) to turn down her friend but he did the opposite, even agreed to keep things from her.
She says that was when she realised her relationship is over. Watch the video below.


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