(VIDEO) I Was Naive At The Time Of My CNN Interview — Moesha Budoung

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Ghanaian “Ashawobrity”, Moesha Budoung after been roasted by Ghanaians for her controversial interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on the topic “Love and S£x” in a recent interview says she was immature — perhaps “stupid” at the time she granted the interview.
Moesha Budoung disclosed that the interview was conducted two years ago when she was 24 years old — she was immature at that time and yet ‘banging’ married men for material gains? Interesting!

She said;

“I was about twenty-four years old at that time and I had no experience about what to say or what not to say in an interview”.
Most Ghanaian female celebrities are just funny and shouldn’t be taken seriously and a typical example is “Ashawobrity” Moesha Budoung.

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On the question of why she goes nude on social media in a recent interview with SVTV Africa, she said;
“I don’t showcase my body to anyone, I’m just being me taking pictures because that’s what Instagram is for”.
Watch the interview below.

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