Don't Vote For "Coaches Who Can't Play" – A Plus Advises NPP Delegates Not To Vote For Con Men Who Can Argue That Apples Are Bananas

The most anticipated political event this weekend is obviously the New Patriotic Party delegates conference set to take place this Saturday at Koforidua. Over 6000 delegates are expected to convene at the Koforidua Technical University to elect their national leaders. Hotels and guest houses in Koforidua and its environs have been fully booked as a result, and the Ghana AIDS Commission will be distributing free condoms to delegates in order to reduce the number of new HIV infections that inevitably arise as a result of such huge gatherings.
Meanwhile, outspoken Ghanaian musician Kwame Asare-Obeng better known as A-Plus has adviced the NPP delegates to refrain from voting for people who only talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. He took to his Facebook page to give a word of advice to delegates before the conference on Saturday. He wrote,
“I’ll be back 3daysy after the NPP congress. I wish the entire party and all aspirants the very best. If you have the opportunity to vote, please don’t vote for people just because they can talk. You see those people who sit on tv to do pre and post match discussions on football matches? They can talk ankasa. Give them a team to coach and see.
Ghanaians are sick and tired of confidence tricksters and con men/women. ? (con man/con artist; a person who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true).
Vote for people who are aware of the fact that the Ghanaian voter today wants to hear nothing but the truth no matter how painful it may be. Not the truth based on how one sees it or which party they belong to but truth based on facts, conscience and high moral standards. They are sick and tired of politicians having an apple in hand but arguing that it’s a banana and trying to force us to believe it’s a banana. The people are not stupid!!!
God bless NPP. God bless Ghana!!! NB: Please follow my personal account; Kwame Asare-Obeng. I will still be posting there. No politics though. Just to meet people, make friends and share jokes about Nimokafui and Ayetefrem….. ?????? Good morning my friends”


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