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It Is Not Easy Being Single And Lonely, I'm Now Ready To Get Married To The Right Person – Gloria Sarfo

Ghanaian female celebrities are not having it easy at all when it comes to finding true love. Most of them confess that their status makes it hard for men to approach them, leaving most of them lonely contrary to the popular opinion that these beautiful women can get any man of their choice with the snap of a finger. Recently Yvonne Okoro was complaining about how men are too cowardly to approach her because of the misconception that she is a “high-class” chick. Apparently, she is not alone on these lonely streets, as actress Gloria Sarfo has also reiterated how difficult it is for female stars like her to find the right person to settle down with.
Speaking to Sammie Flex on Friday 6 July on Zylofon FM, the “Efiewura” star admitted that finding someone to date is not a problem, but the issue is finding a person who will stick and stay throughout all the controversy and be able to maturely handle the attention from many other men. According to her, she has dated a number of men who she thought we genuinely in love with her but it turned it they were only in for the money and attention.
“We met and all, everything was going on well. I thought he loved me like I did. Not knowing that he wanted to come spend the little I have. So one day I went to his house and his own family secretly told me to back off because the guy is not genuinely in love with me, he just wants to spend my money. It was very heartbreaking but there was nothing I could do”, she said of one of her many failed relationships.
But even though she has been disappointed time without number, she still looks forward to settling down as soon as she finds the right person, because all the loneliness is getting to her. “Marriage is my priority; it is something that’s so dear to my heart. Every young woman’s goal is to get married to the right person and be happy. Trust me, it’s not easy being single. Forget about the pleasure, the fear of not being approached by men is a whole nightmare. I really wish to get married, but to the right person”,  she confessed.


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