Joyce Dzidzor Mensah Claims Her Suicide Note Was A 'Stunt' — Stunt Or Not She's Not Fit To Raise Those Kids!

In any competent jurisdiction Dzidzor’s kids would be out of her hands by now or at least temporarily taken from her until a court ordered psychological evaluation of her faculties have been completed.
But in Ghana we play too much, preferring to act after a tragedy rather than being proactive and solving it before it occurs.
On Saturday, former HIV/AIDS ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah alerted the world to her intentions for herself and her three kids.
In a suicide note posted on social media, the actress said she was going to grant a last media interview and then when she’s done, kill herself and her three children to escape the persecution they are suffering on this earth.
The note immediately triggered alarm bells, as you’d expect, and numerous media houses and well meaning members of the public alerted the police to the foul intentions of the troubled Dzidzor Mensah, who has a long history of being mentally unbalanced due to the unique tragedies she’s suffered in her life — including but not limited to her public AIDS diagnosis and losing at least two partners to death.

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According to GraphicOnline, when the police got to her residence Dzidzor Mensah ‘happily’ told them that the entire post was a ‘stunt’.
Now this was where the police should have stepped in, brought her in for questioning since she had threatened to murder her kids and then involve the social welfare department or whichever agency takes care of such issues in Ghana to determine the way forward.
The way forward was not to leave those three innocent kids with the same woman who had threatened their lives!
Stunt or not, Dzidzor has proven herself unfit to be a mother and should have her kids taken from her until she proves otherwise.
If that’s not done, who knows the next thing she’s going to try, at which point it would be too late to save her or her kids?
Whatever she claims, that post was a cry for help, and we’d be remiss as a society if we don’t take her up on it.


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