Any Government That Encourages Homos*xuality Is Evil – Former GEC Moderator Refers To Homos*xuality As "Sexual Pollution"

Of all the shameful problems we have in this country that need addressing, we choose to spend a lot of time and energy trying to vilify a group of people who have done nothing except try to live their lives. Every other day, someone has to bring up the issue of homosexuality and it is never from a place of love. Biased religionists turn a blind eye to all the truly wicked and heartless happenings in the country and choose to go hard on gay people the least chance they get.
It is almost like if you want Ghanaians to see you as some kind of staunch moralist vigilante all you have to do is declare your disgust for homosexual relationships and you’ll get people applauding you for your bravado. People like Foh Amoaning have made it their personal business to actively campaign against what they deem “unnatural”. Maybe the World Cup has got him a bit preoccupied so we have not heard much of his homophobic rants lately, but while he’s on a break someone has to take up the burden of chastising the gays, so here goes the former moderator of the Global Evangelical Church (GEC).
The Very Reverend Professor Emmanuel Komla Gbordzoe took the opportunity to condemn the “devilish act” during the Global Prayer Week celebration of the El-Shaddai temple of the church at Ashaiman Newtown near Tema on Sunday 8 July. He posited that the silence of the people only encourages the act and so more Christians should make it a point to condemn it or else they will share a chamber in hell with these “sinners” come the day of judgment.
The Very Reverend pleaded with the government to resist any influence from the West to legalize such “sexual pollution”.  “Any Government that accepts this alien practice and encourages it should be looked at with an evil eye’’, he said.


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