'God' Got My Relationship — Says Actress Efia Odo Who's Still In The Grips Of The 'Delusion' Of LOVE With A Fraud Boy

It’s truly pathetic how these celebrities constantly throw their relationships in the face of the public and paint such a rosy picture on social media but usually when you look beneath the surface there are 1,000 and 1 problems lurking there.
Fact is all relationships have their own problems but those who don’t flaunt theirs online often can deal with their problems without the whole world having an opinion about it.
But these celebs never learn, and as we found out in the Afia Schwar case usually what they post on social media and what is truly happening are two different things.
Efia Odo recently has started dating a new guy identified as Kweku Reveloe, who by all accounts is simply trouble waiting to happen.
Odo however has been flaunting him all over social media and any attempt to say even the slightest negative thing about him sends her into pissed off mode.

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Recently she landed and the neck of Delay with ferocity after she gave her a little advice and in a recent interview with Showbiz, she said she doesn’t care about those sort of negativity because she knows God has blessed her relationship.
“We have a God factor, how can someone take what God has given me?” she bragged.

“Such [negative] people should get a life and stop poking their noses into my affairs. He is a responsible guy and lives a low key life so where are they going to find him?” she questioned.
Responding to Delay, she said: “Social media does not break relationships, it is God who sustains relationships and we have the God factor so there is nothing to be afraid of.”
She added that yes, she is ever ready to marry her new boyfriend if he asked her to settle down.


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