I Am Done With Music – Queen Haizel Claims She Has Quit Music, Blames Society

The music industry is some really tricky business and if you do not have extra reserves to keep fueling you, you might just end up on the wayside with nothing but broken dreams and had-I-knowns. It is indeed the survival of the fittest out here. If you do not focus and decide to make it your “brand” to be more about gimmicks instead of doing actual music, predators out there will take you for a ride.
A lot of promising talents have started off nicely only to crush and burn, because they probably did not play their cards right, or ended up realizing it was just way too much stress than they can handle. One such act is Queen Haizel, who admittedly has a great voice but chooses to focus more on exposing her nudity for attention. Most people know her more for her sex-related shenanigans than her actual music.
After threatening to go nude in honour of disaster victims and changing her mind for whatever reason, to announcing that she has been dying to have a one-night stand with Mugeez of R2Bees and even claiming that she has up to a whopping seventeen explosive orgasms in a day, it has always been about the distractions with this particular lady. And now it seems she has finally been distracted off the path of music, as she took to Facebook to say farewell to music.
From the post, it appears she has been hurt somehow by people with ulterior motives. Bad news for the “Spiritans” as she calls her fanbase. Whether it is a stunt or not we will find out in due time, but for now, this is what Queen Haizel posted on her Facebook wall yesterday.
“Ive Never Been In This Industry jux For D Fame or Fun of it but for D Intense Passion that Burns Like Fire Within Me. If It’s Talent U want, Help it Grow Cuz u will never knw who will Make The Industry Blow. If It’s Fun u Want Let Out The Rules. Society is Sometimes Responsible for the Beast People Turn Out To Be be Cuz Dey Jux Hear Them But Dnt Listen. Nobody Actually Cares For Real As They Pretend To.l once Had A Dream I was D One’ But Today I Quit Music … Am Done blank?!
It’s Ur Queen Hai… Zel”


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