Fans Bash Nollywood Actress For Accepting A Car As A Gift From A Fan

It is said that we should not look a gift horse in the mouth but sometimes we can’t help but question the motives behind some supposed “gifts”. It is known that celebrities receive “tokens” day in, day out from fans and admirers. But what is “too much” when it comes to accepting gifts from fans?
It must be nice to be a celebrity though-especially as a female, because you can just post that you’re bored and need a new car and next thing you know, a “fan” cures that boredom by buying you a brand new whip. Such is the case of Nollywood actress and producer, Nnaji Charity. (With a name like Charity, it is no surprise that people would want to be charitable to you. Maybe the Ewes are actually getting it right afterall? LOL)
The actress disclosed via social media the circumstances that led to her getting a surprise in the form of a brand new car. She posted, “It all started like this ,,I update my whats app status with the caption BORED, a fan replied back to my status asking me why I was bored ,,,I told him so many things is making me feel bored ,,he replied LIKE what and what do you really want, surprisely I said I need a car as a birthday gift he replied (JUST THAT) and to my greatest surprise ,he said consider it done,,,pls if you want to hear the rest of the testimony kindly find your way to my church where I will be sharing the rest of the testimony, indeed our God is a wonderful God ,I just join the league of small girls with big God small girl with big God, nollywood finest, give it shall be given unto you”.
Instead of being happy for her, fans rather questioned how come a “mere fan” managed to get her number to read her Whatsapp status. Some even went as far as questioning her script-writing skills, just because a benevolent fan has her number. But the actress is so unperturbed by these rants and says she is chilling at home so anyone who wants full details on how she got her new car should come and catch her. Afterall a fan that can’t buy you a car, is that one too a fan?


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