I've Never Dated A Man Who Was Faithful To Me — Bibi Bright Admits At Her Wedding

Bibi Bright has revealed that her entire life she’s never dated a man who was faithful to her until she met her second husband.
Bibi got married for the second time in her life over the weekend to Akwesi Boateng, her sweetheart and father of her daughter.
The actress spoke to Joy News entertainment reporter MzGee during the wedding and said she decided to settle down with Boateng because he not only takes good care of her but he’s faithful, which is a quality she has missed in every man she’s dated including her former husband.

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“Let me just speak the truth, he (Akwesi) is a very wonderful and great guy. You know I’ve been married before and doing it again was something very hard for me to do all because married is a sacred thing which I believe should last forever and with my work and everything that goes around me, I need someone who will understand me, believe in me, trust me and also be loyal to me,” she told MzGee.
“This is my first time dating a faithful man. To all my ex-boyfriends, yes, I’ve said that this is the only faithful man I’ve ever dated.” she added.


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