Lady Mocks Men Who Claim To Hate Homos£xuality But Are Turned On By Lesbian P0rn Aka 90% Of Ghanaian Men

Social media is simultaneously the place to go for the most interesting and the most ignorant opinions, which is what makes it the best place to go if you want to laugh a little.
It’s also the perfect place to call out hypocrites which is almost 100% of the people on there.
A lady is making waves after making a post calling out hypocritical men who claim to hate gays but are turned on by lesbian p0rn.
A very apt point to make — lesbian p0rn remains one of the most popular forms of p0rn which is funny when you look at how people in super religious nations like Ghana and Nigeria hate homos£xuals.

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Taking to twitter, Maggie Turkey wrote: “Lmaoooooo they hate anything homos£xual but their p3enis will rise in shameless excitement just to see two girls kiss. They’ll soon comman say it is not the same thing.”
Exactly. By my own (made up) statistics 90% of Ghanaian men who watch p0rn love lesbian p0rn, yet these same people simultaneously hate gays.
Honestly I’m yet to meet the male p0rn lover who didn’t get turned on by two ladies doing it.
Check out her post below…


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