Shit Hole Education: This VIDEO Captures Everything That’s Wrong With Ghana’s Educational System Even If FREE

As I have always said the citizenry problems we have in Ghana, the overwhelming stupidity, lack of analytical skills and widespread quasi-intellectualism is due to our educational system.
The absolute ‘chew and pour’ mechanism, and the manner via which children are taught, open them up to become a generation of adult idiots—who cannot critically analyse anything, including even if required to reason to establish the veracity or otherwise of a claim.
Watch the attached video (below) and you will be sick in your stomach. This is not called education but impacting ignorance and impeding critical thinking.
Of course, it’s not the fault of the teacher who is equally ignorant, as a result of the system in which he was educated or trained, and the tools that are present or lacking to aid his teaching.
I was lucky to have attended undergraduate and post graduate in the UK and I can say, that has shaped my way of thinking—especially my ability to critically evaluate things and solve complex problems.
Education is to help develop basic and advance skills and not just to pump into your head by way of “chewing” information which are largely incorrect.
Education in civilised countries is more practical and relatable and that’s the best way to learn anything. You learn best by seeing things or engaging with things.
How many of us have ever seen a sedimentary rock or know how calculus came into being and who even was the mastermind behind it, and for what purpose?
Education is made easy, relatable and fun in the West and it focuses more on developing certain needed intelligent human skills—not just chewing a bunch of information to pour out during an examination. It’s about problem solving, not feeding on wrong information.
Imagine the sort of smug IT illiterates these children will become.
To me, being absolute ignorant is far better than being fed with wrong information which you believe is right. A lot of Ghanaians fall within the latter.
Shit hole education is the floodgate to our unending woes—especially the political pains that constantly hover around us. Because, your ‘intelligent’ vote is as valid as those of people like these children in the classroom, the fundamental problem of our democracy.
We are doomed in perpetuity—if this is what we call free SHS or education.
Check out the video below…


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