(PHOTOS) Moesha Budoung Trolled For Using "Abidjan Samina" To Bleach Her Skin

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Social media has accused Moesha Buduong of using ‘Abidjan samina’ to bleach her skin and that has led to her ‘chameleon-like’ skin — her skin colour is just like a white sheep with black spot all over.
In one of her numerous photos spread across the internet, fans spot that her knee complexion does not match with her skin colour and that has generated controversies under her photo.

Read some of the comments monitored by Ghanacelebrities.com under her photo below.
atamfo_b3ko_lowbattery: “Me de3 abeg oo… you guys should let me enjoy my Friday in peace. I think this is effects of small Abidjan samina . Mada wai. I’m shleep.”
addooffeibea: “If my colour no be original I don’t expose my self too much.”

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owusukendrick: “She be fool.”
Not long ago, she was trolled for having a shifted hip.
Check the photos below.

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