[VIDEO] Sad Story Of Patience Osafo, The Woman Who Was Brutalized By The Policeman At Midland Savings And Loans

Osafo Patience, the woman who was brutalised by the policeman

Patience Osafo, the woman who was brutalised by the police officer, Federick Amanor at Midland Savings and Loans in an interview on Peace FM has narrated how the incident happened.
According to Patience Osafo, she has been going to the bank since last Friday but was always turned away with the usual excuse that network was down.

She said she refused to leave the bank yesterday when she was asked to come back today for the money. She said was too broke to leave.
The bank gave her the money after the assault. She was paid 270 cedis. The bank is MIDLAND SAVINGS AND LOANS LTD.
She sells toffees and tissue at Spanner Junction.

Below are excerpts from the interview.
— The baby is two and a half months old.
— She was at the bank by yesterday but was not attended to until after and after she was assaulted.
— She had to borrow 60 cedis to pay fees when the bank started tossing her since last Friday.
— An unknown man impregnated one of her children who is mentally challenged. She’s now taking care of her grandchild and three more children.
Watch Patience Osafo’s full interview with UTV Ghana below.


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