Giving To The Woman Assaulted By A Police Officer In Public Is An Act Of Hypocrisy — Maurice Ampaw

Maurice Ampaw has come out swinging against those donating en masse to the lady assaulted in the Midland Savings and Loans video.
According to the always controversial lawyer, such donations must be made in private and not publicized.
The video of the lady being assaulted has ended with people donating to her constantly but Ampaw has slammed both the manner and timing of the donations.
“When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,” Ampaw said, quoting the Bible to show giving in public in such a manner is wrong.

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He added that people were jumping to conclusions since the case has not been tried for the facts to be ascertained.
“If it were to be in a developed country, the two would be probed to ascertain what really caused such chaos, after judgement is passed and she’s not guilty, that is where people will donate money and items to her in secret but in Ghana, we have passed judgement already; arresting the police officer and leaving the woman behind.”


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