I Turned Down $100,000 S3x Offer — eShun

Female Afropop music sensation, eShun has revealed that someone wanted to invest hundred thousand American dollars into her music if only she would agree to chill out with him in Dubai just for a weekend.
According to eShun speaking in an interview on Accra based Class FM, said she turned the offer down because she could saw this as some of the challenges in the music industry.

” I had somebody call me, I don’t know him from anywhere, and he’s like, I’ve seen your work, I like you, I’ve checked your Instagram handle and how it’s going so how can he invest into my career and, so, I told him to talk to my boss so that he sees where he can come in.
“I believed everything got down to money because whatever it is, you’ll need money, whether is TV or radio, whatever it is, and he was like money is not a problem for him and that he’s willing to invest $100,000, I was super excited.

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“I was happy, but we had been waiting for long for the money, we spoke but he didn’t really mention the money, so one day, I was like, I wanted to ask him if the money was coming any time soon or he just want to us to wait a bit.
“He then told me the money is not a problem but before he gives me the money, he would like to spend the weekend with me in Dubai.”

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“I was like: are you saying until that happens the money won’t come? He was like not really but then he wants to show me some things and that is the place he will like to take me after, he can give me the money.
“I asked him: So, is that the condition, no, I don’t think this sounds right. Initially, when he called he should have mentioned that I wouldn’t even have given him attention, so I just backed off,” she said.


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