My Womb Is Still Intact Despite Having A Thin Waist — Princess Shyngle


Rumours had it that  Instagram model and actress, Princess Shyngle had her womb exchanged for a slimmer waist, but the young actress has rubbished this speculation.
The Gambian-Ghana based actress told MzGee in an interview on JoyNews that she has not gone for any womb surgery and that her womb is intact.

Shyngle disclosed that her “thread-like waist” was achieved as a result of constant use of waist trainers.
“There is absolutely nothing more to this waist, I have been a slim girl. I have always had a small waist, I only enhanced it with waist trainers.
“I haven’t done anything yet maybe after I have given birth to my 3rd kids probably I might do something if my husband is in support of it,” she said.

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On the question of whether she’s still got a womb looking at how thin her waist is, she replied;
“Of course I have a womb. I am a woman for Christ sake. I am going to give birth very soon”.


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