Mastering The Act Of Coitus Interruptus 101 By Samuel Clement

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Hey! I’m not here to bombard you with scientific terms concerning mastering the act of coitus interruptus.  
This article is aimed at letting the reader understand the layman’s understanding of the scientific term coitus interruptus. 

Coitus interruptus in the layman’s view is intelligently and smartly pulling out the pen!s from the vag!na just before ejaculation — SIMPLE!
Note, this method isn’t 100% effective but you can master it well and do it perfectly to avoid unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. 
But before you use this method, make sure you know the HIV or STI status of your s£xual partner to avoid contracting STI’s. 
The majority of youths do not prefer the use of condoms (rubber) with reasons that, condoms are boring to use, doesn’t make the s£x enjoyable, flesh to flesh is what’s called s£x and all the weird reasons. 
Postinor 2 as a contraceptive works effectively but too much use of it can cause infertility and other complications in women and I don’t think you will want your girlfriend to take the pill anytime you guys wanna knack yourselves out.  
This is why you need to master the act of coitus interruptus to avoid future complications on your s£x partner. 
Mastering the act of coitus interruptus isn’t rocket science, it’s all about applying a little skill with intelligence – and the skill is about using your brains before and during s£xual intercourse. 

The joy in ejaculating into the vag!na of your s£x partner is incredible – mostly, men enjoy releasing their semen into the vag!nas of their s£x partners but you can only do this if she’s in a safe period or you want a child. 
I have used this method, coitus interruptus in all my romantic relationships – be it short term or long term and it worked perfectly for me just that it failed on two occasions and I blame it on my ‘stupidity’. 
A lot of men lose their senses once they see the nak*dness of their s£x partners on their beds waiting for the bouts to begin. Once you want to master the act of coitus interruptus, never lose your senses even if your partner possesses all the ‘juicy’ body qualities needed for a man to lose his senses. 
Perhaps, you have a purpose to achieve in life and getting your girlfriend pregnant may become a major setback in achieving that purpose – let this be at the back of your mind anytime you are about to hit the ‘hell’ outta her. 
Note! To master the act of coitus interruptus and become a master of it like myself, it is always advisable to pull out your d!ck 5 seconds before ejaculation.
— Samuel-Clement Enoku

This post was published on July 30, 2018 8:29 AM

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