If Christianity Was About Money Bill Gates Would Be The Most Religious Man On Earth — Josh Laryea Condemns Filthy Rich Pastors

It’s always rich hearing one hypocrite lecturing other hypocrites on how to live, but that’s what makes Ghana fun.
Rev Josh Laryea, the pastor who lost his position at ICGC for engaging in extra marital affairs, is concerned about the direction of Christianity in Ghana these days.
According to him, Christianity has been turned from preaching a message of salvation as intended to a message of prosperity.
He said these days people confuse riches with spirituality and believe the richer their pastor then the closer he is to God.

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“Spirituality is neither poverty nor being rich. Now, the concentration is on materialism. How wealthy you are [as a pastor] shows how spiritual you are so when someone is prospering it means they are spiritual. That is wrong…”
Laryea added that if it was all about money then Bill Gates would be the most religious man on earth.
“The gift of God is everlasting life. That is what a believer does. There are people who are unbelievers but okay in life so the focus of Christianity is eternal life and that is a gift no man can give except through Christ and that should be the focus. If we are comparing wealth than Bill Gates is better…” he added.


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