Fans Troll Fella Makafui For Wearing A 'Frying Pan' Instead Of A Necklace (PHOTO)

Yolo star, Fella Makafui is really ‘suffering’ in the hands of social media trolls as well as some fans and followers.
As usual of Ghanaian female celebrities, Fella Makafui posted a photo on her Instagram page with her usual thick makeup on and a nice scarf on her head obviously for likes and comments.

Her expectation of gathering praise comments and likes under her photo turned out to be trolling as some users spotted her huge gold-plated necklace.
Some trolled her that her necklace looked like one of Goliath’s metallic shields that protected his neck during the Biblical war periods. Some also mocked her for wearing a ‘frying pan’ instead of a necklace.
Check out some funny comments by fans below.
heiressjacinta: “Omo, why you put frying pan for your neck? ??.”

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brooks_will_make_it: “I finish aaa gimme the thing e dey your neck make I take fry yam wai just kidding, looking great Bae…..”
ghydeon: “Y u be goliath ein daughter lmao??.”
el_chapo_200: “Y u carry this agbaa chork yr neck.”
@winnie_tho u wanted this necklace some errh ??.” winnie_tho: “@_joiizmeh_ not this big”.
jhuzzmeen: “I like your necklace.”


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