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Ghanaians More Worried About Homos£xuality Than Armed Robbery, Rape And Astronomical Cost Of Living — Study Shows | We Truly Deserve To Be A Sh*thole

A study conducted by the Africa Centre for International Law and Accountability (ACILA) has found that Ghanaians are more worried about homos£xuality than any other issue plaguing our society bar corruption.
The recently released study, conducted in June, found that issues such as armed robbery, rape, high cost of living, poor infrastructure, galamsey, education and many of the other myriad problems in Ghana concern the average Ghanaian far less than the issue of homos£xuality.
Talk about having misplaced priorities!
Ghana as a country is plagued with so many problems which on a daily basis make the life of the average citizen a living hell, yet people are actually more concerned with what two people do in the privacy of their own room?
Gays are not making Ghanaians poor. They aren’t messing up our healthcare system and leaving people to die in the streets because of lack of beds or raising the prices of fuel and utilities — but so long as we don’t have to accept them into our society we are happy living lives not much better than what is led by someone in a failed state.

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Seriously, Ghanaians have been so brainwashed by our religious and political leaders we would be happy with sh*tty lives so long as the gays are not treated as human beings.
If you look around Ghana, at the numerous stories everyday showing the million and one ways in which this country is a mess — how can you justify discriminating against gays as the second most important issue we should have?
The study, conducted by the ACILA in June, sampled 1,200 respondents in 5 regions, which is an impressive sample for a country of Ghana’s size.
It found corruption as the number one concern of Ghanaians, followed by LGBT issues.
Other findings are…

  • 60% of Ghanaians “strongly disagree” or “disagree” that LGBT persons deserve equal treatment as heteros£xuals.
  • 87% of Ghanaians are against LGBT persons holding public meetings to discuss LGBT issues.
  • 20% of Ghanaians “strongly disagree” or ‘disagree” that the Police has a responsibility to protect LGBT persons against mob injustice.
  • 80% of Ghanaians  are “very uncomfortable” or “uncomfortable” associating themselves with LGBTI persons.
  • 30% of Christians, 40% of Muslims and 50% of traditionalists say they will not receive emergency medical treatment from a nurse or doctor they perceive as LGBT.
  • 13% of Ghanaians will ‘physically abuse”, “verbally abuse” or “force” an LGBTI person to hide his or her identity.
  • 45.3% of Ghanaians will “socially shun” an identified LGBTI.
  • 54% of Ghanaians say expelling students perceived to be LGBTI should be promoted.


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