Did Shatta Michy Say Shatta Wale Should Treat His "GONO" Before She Allows Him To Bang Her Again?

It is either Shatta Wale has contracted gonorrhoea or one of those STI’s judging from a SnapChat interaction by the ex-lovers.
Horny Shatta Wale wanting to bang Shatta Michy again posted on SnapChat begging her to allow him to have a bite of her but Shatta Michy’s response to his post got us thinking deep.

Shatta Wale posted;
“Do you know when you drip, the taste alone makes me wanna eat you all night…can I have it again please…@lefan_dhurb”.
Shatta Michy after a few minutes responded that unless he [Shatta Wale] cures what she termed as “Community D!ck Syndrome” (CDS) before he can get access to bang her again.

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She wrote;
“But first, you need to be delivered from C.D.S (Community D!ck Syndrome)[email protected]’s boo.”
What exactly did Shatta Michy mean when she said “Community D!ck Syndrome”? We cannot explain exactly what that means but it could be that Shatta Wale has contracted gonorrhoea as a result of his immoral lifestyle.

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Shatta Michy’s response can also be as a result of Shatta Wale’s leaked d!ck sucking video.
Well, Shatta Wale has to cure his “Community D!ck Syndrome” which we think is gonorrhoea before getting access to Michy’s a$$ets.
Check the screenshot of their posts below.


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