What do Winners and Successful People Have in Common?

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Some people believe that individuals get to the pinnacle of their profession based solely on luck. Those people couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who win, whether it be in sport, business or life in general, do so consistently over and over again because they have innate personality traits that are the foundation for success. If you want to know the basic ingredients winners and successful people have in common, read on to discover five different approaches and mindsets to apply to your own strategy for achieving life goals.
They are prepared to fail well
Have you heard of the saying ‘you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs’? In short, it means that mistakes or sacrifices are inevitable to get where you want to be in life. It’s a mindset that is preached by female entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran, who is the founder of the Corcoran Group which sold for $66 million. Ms Corcoran believes for any individual to be successful they must know how to fail well, according to Time. Understanding the feeling and consequences of failing can help an individual to dust themselves down, right the wrongs of the past and take the next chance that comes along with both hands. Failure is an option and successful individuals embrace that concept wholeheartedly.
Persistent and perseverant attitudes
Success is never an accident. That’s the point of view of Jonathan Gilinski, a serial entrepreneur who founded Capsuline, the world’s leading supplier of pharmaceutical-grade empty capsules made of gelatin and vegetable derivatives. Gilinski recently told Time.com that success is the natural outcome from perseverance and a persistent attitude. His formula is simple: those willing to persevere and make tough decisions when times are tough are more likely to achieve greatness. According to a recent Betway infographic on the personalities of winners in all walks of life, on average, these people have been working in their industries for 13 years.
They have an end goal in mind

It’s very easy to feel lost when you do not have an end goal or destination to head towards. That’s the view of Vincent at Health Money Success, who revealed his views on the winning habits of successful people to Life Optimizer. Vincent believes that those who achieve ‘great success’ are those who have an end goal to aim for. When you have a target to focus on, you can drive yourself towards that goal. If you do not have a target, you will end up wandering around feeling lost. Take professional sports stars, for instance. Successful Olympians know that in order to achieve their goal of qualifying for the next Olympic Games they must train hard and improve their weaknesses to succeed and get on that medal podium. It’s the same for international footballers every four years with the FIFA World Cup. Similarly, successful entrepreneurs should have an end goal in sight in terms of knowing where they want their business to get to before selling up or moving on to pastures new.
Unbridled passion for their craft
Perseverance and persistence will only get you so far without a genuine passion for what you do. That’s according to Thomas Carter, whose vision and enthusiasm to design and produce a pioneering wakeboard earnt him a place on the front of Success Magazine. When you fuse ambition and persistence with an unbridled passion for what you do, you can become an unstoppable force. Carter says that the easiest way to keep himself on track and motivated is to continually ask himself ‘what’s my why?’ Knowing your purpose, combined with your innate interest and love for your industry, will enable you to stay focused and on the right track.
They are flexible and adaptable

Any successful entrepreneur, athlete, sportsman or woman of any kind or politician will have to respond to the changing environment around them. It is never acceptable to simply stand still and expect the world to stop turning. Those who succeed and make progress in life adopt a flexible mindset when it comes to the status quo. In business, it’s important to accept changing regulations and adapt to fluctuating market conditions such as consumer demand. According to ‘The Mojo Master’ Michael Johnson, who is a mindset coach for elite-level athletes and entrepreneurs, adaptability is key to fostering success. Throughout your journey, you will need to be flexible enough to reallocate and adjust your energies accordingly. Avoid a fixed, regimented mindset and expose yourself to new ideas and settings and you shall be well on the path to long-term success and personal growth.
If you wish to accomplish major goals in your life, you must digest the organizational habits of born winners. The common qualities and traits discussed above will help get you where you want to be quicker. Nevertheless, the buck stops with you in order to take these habits and mould them into a way that works for you.

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