RELATIONSHIP TIPS: 12 Things You Should Consider While Having S3x

In every relationship, there are some basic things you should and should not do especially when the two of you are preparing to enjoy s3x.
There has been a lot of breakups in many relationships because of these little mistakes which happen during s3xual intercourse.

Below are the 12 greatest shared secrets which we believe can add up something good to your relationship.
1. Not kissing your partner. 
Spend time on your partner’s lips, it really gears up the movement.
2. Ignoring the rest of the body and focusing on just the genitals.
Don’t concentrate only on the genitals, learn to play around their entire body.

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3. Putting your weight on your partner and not realizing
Don’t put all your weight on your partner no matter how happy you are.
4. Eating just before having s3x
Eating before starting sex might end up embarrassing yourself with the smell from your mouth.
5. Answering the phone
Answering phone calls can easily destroy your sexual mood, try to avoid it.
6. Not warning your partner before the climax
Tell your partner before you reach your final destination

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7. Pointing out their physical weakness and imperfections
Never tell them any negative things concerning their weakness, give them the encouragement to keep it up.
8. Failing to return the favour
Don’t just reach your climax and forget to make sure your partner has also reached his/her destination.
9. Never compare them with anyone you’ve ever had s3x with.
Never compare them with anyone, you may be doing the biggest mistake in your s3x life.

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10. Don’t ask for material things.
Most people think the right time to demand something from your partner is during s3x. NO don’t do it because someone wise will back off.
11. Don’t put pressure on them to finish quick.
Never rush or put pressure on your partner to do it quickly. If you don’t have enough time don’t start at all.
12. Show Gratitude.
Never forget to show your appreciations after the enjoyment.


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