Ghanaians Brand Mensa Otabil A Thief And Fraudster After He Tweeted — "We Will Spend Millions And Billions For The Kingdom of God"

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Pastor Mensa Otabil does not get the reputation he deserves for being a money hungry charlatan like most other pastors in the country.
Otabil’s nice exterior masks a dedication to enriching himself which other preachers like Obinim are condemned for because they are more flashy.
Last year’s ‘Greater Works’ was the perfect exposé on him as the figures being asked got Ghanaians wondering about his motives.
Anyway, this year’s Greater Works is here and Otabil is back encouraging people to throw their money his way.

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On social media, he wrote: “We will spend millions and billions for the Kingdom of God!!!! We will honor Him. We will sacrifice for Him. We will use our resources to glorify the King of Universe. We will give extravagantly to the Creator!

When he said he would spend all that money, he didn’t mean his money, of course, he meant his congregation’s money.
Gladly, we’ve noticed Ghanaians seem to have awoken up from their slumber and in the replies people are calling him out for the fraudster he is.
More people need to wake up and let’s stop getting fleeced by these con men masquerading as ‘men of God’.
Check out the best replies to Otabil’s tweet below including replies from Wanlov, Nana Ama Asante and more….

Of course, there are still some sheep out there. Keep giving your money to men to chop and claim you’re giving it to God.

Godwin Nii-Armah Okine, Managing Editor
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